The F-words drive us.  F L E X A G I L I T Y.   F U T U R E.   F O C U S .   F R E S H - T H I N K I N G.   F U N.

The FlexAgility team has experience in leading practice flexible work arrangements, strategic organisational change and culture, strengths-based leadership and unconscious bias, unwritten rules (to name a few).  Our team includes qualified trainers, coaches, data analysts and researchers who have extensive experience working in federal and state government, ASX listed companies and not-for-profit organisations.


We are skilled at collaborative engagement and working with clients to deliver practical, innovative and tangible solutions.  Our empathetic approach equips individuals to participate in high performing, flexible and productive teams. 


Vanessa Vanderhoek has a well deserved reputation for delivering results in flexible work and leadership consulting, training and coaching.  She is the proud founder of Flexible Working Day.


Based on her personal experience in executive roles and managing geographically dispersed (flexible and agile) teams, Vanessa has witnessed firsthand the productivity benefits for business, and how it drives the attraction and retention of top talent.  


Vanessa has a unique position of having sat on both sides of the fence.  She was an executive for 10 years, and over the course of her career, adopted many different types of flexible work, including full-time flexible, part-time, shift‑work, compressed work weeks, working remotely, ‘fly-in, fly-out’, career break (to live and ski in Canada!), leave without pay, long service leave and carer’s leave.  Some of these flexible work arrangements were due to the nature of her roles, while many others were adopted by Vanessa as a choice for her personal and family life, and health and wellbeing.

Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Commerce, is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), is a highly experienced management consultant and a qualified (and engaging!) trainer and coach.  

Martin Brooker is a highly engaging and respected facilitator, strategic thinker and leadership coach. 


Martin has extensive experience in the development of leadership capability and achieving improved outcomes for Navy for over this 30 year military career.  As an experienced program manager for capability delivery and change management programs in the public sector, Martin brings lived experience of implementing working flexibly both personally and as a manager.

As a qualified executive coach and trainer, Martin's experience includes executives in both the public and the private sector. He has helped executives find new ways of thinking, translate choices into clear actions, and work them to improve their personal and organisational outcomes. Clients can expect him to build rapport early, show respect always and challenge their thinking to deliver the project.

Victoria Saunders takes a holistic approach to consulting and has managed her career while raising a family and pursuing personal, community and professional interests.

She has over 20+ years working at HR Director and executive levels, including international experience in large global and national blue-chip environments. Victoria has worked with people at all levels from CEOs, Group Heads, Senior Partners, Directors and business services professionals.

As a qualified HR practitioner and executive coach, Victoria has been a prominent part of national and international executive leadership teams, lead large HR divisions and introduced new HR, L&D and COE business operating models. Having worked flexibility her entire career, she is results-focussed and passionate about strategic growth, leadership capability, personal achievement and empowerment.

David Hodges is passionate about turning data into insights, and presenting it in a way which is elegant and user friendly.

Our good friends at Aginic are known for utilising advanced analytical techniques that turn data into insights, presenting them in a way which is elegant and user friendly. They work with us, helping our clients to better utilise data to inform their flexible working initiatives

David a proud father of 3 and big believer in living a healthy life and looking after himself and others. 

Hayley Windsor balances an established career in management consulting with a passion and interest for bringing what she learns outside her day job - through study and practice of yoga, mindfulness and mediation - into the corporate world.

Her personal mantra; sometimes you have to slow down to speed up, is a concept which both facinates and challenges her daily.  Outside of 'work' Hayley dedicates much of her time to learning and adopting ways to be more productive, present, decisive and agile – both in her corporate pursuits and in everyday life.

Hayley has played a lead role in IT, risk and cultural transformation programs for prominent organisations across health, utilities, transport and financial services industries.  In parallel, she has led yoga classes at international festivals and resorts and brought mindfulness and meditation into the boardrooms and innovation labs of some of Australia's largest and well known businesses.

After 8 years in professional services and  management roles, she left the permanent employee ranks 3 years ago and only works with clients who integrate flexible working in their teams with the trust and integrity it requires to work well.

Robert Hawkins loves research, problem solving and creative solution development with a focus on human-centered continuous improvement. .

His experience in process and continuous improvement enables him to break down problems and find innovative ways to 'get work done'.  Robert takes a human-centered approach, recognising that people are the most important element in all business activities

Robert is highly passionate about work flexibility.  He views it not as a 'nice to have' but an essential right that enables people to live sustainability.  His keen academic interest has led him to publish various articles about the benefits of flexible working.

Kylee Stone is specialises in leadership transformation, resilience and wellbeing.   

She is a proud Wakka Wakka woman and descendant of the stolen generation, combining an intrinsic love for storytelling with over 25 years’ in strategic planning, marketing communications and 18 years as a leadership coach to help people realise their self-expression as a courageous, compassionate and confident leader.

As a certified coach in the neuroscience of resilience, Kylee’s mission is to help people disrupt the status quo and remove the barriers that are preventing them from discovering their purpose and creating a life that aligns with the natural self-expression as a leader  - no matter who they are or what they do in life.

Emma Heuston is a lawyer with a passion for remote and flexible work.

Emma operates a flexible and agile law firm, The Remote Expert, and implements flexibility as a way of life. She is skilled at drafting and reviewing existing flexible work policies and employee handbooks and employment agreements or variations to employment agreements which document flexible work arrangements.


As a former remote worker and manager of a remote team, Emma is uniquely placed to understand and appreciate the challenges and benefits of flexible work.

The FlexAgility Group is a proud supporter of Flexible Working Day


It's time that you reap the rewards and the benefits of flexible and agile working!

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