Join the 28 Day Career Confidence Program today and you will:

  • Grow your confidence in presenting yourself – particularly in job interviews, but also meetings
  • Get clear on how to ‘sell’ your strengths and career successes
  • Learn how to put a positive spin on that dreaded question about your weaknesses
  • Discover what your personal brand is and why it matters.


This program IS NOT A QUICK FIX – it is a transformative program.


Have you been made redundant and not sure where to next?  Or have you been out of the workforce for a period of time and need to get job search ready?  Or perhaps you’re looking for your next career move and are not sure how to best position yourself. You need a boost of career confidence.


"Vanessa was excellent - relaxed, honest, easy going and let everyone contribute.  All topics were stimulating and very relevant to me right now.  I walked in nervous and not at all confident to complete an interview.  By the end of the session I was excited and truly boosted!"


In this practical and interactive program, we will cover the essential elements of getting career confidence in applying for your next job. We will cover everything from:

  • updating your CV

  • preparing a high quality application - both the covering letter and the selection criteria 

  • job interview preparation (and of course, your confidence).


This hands-on program offers incredible value. You will walk away equipped with all the essential tools and techniques to ensure you are confident for your next interview. 


What’s included?

  • The Career Confidence Guide - a detailed workbook that

  • Four (4) x 1 hour weekly live group coaching calls 

  • Practical activities, checklists and tools that you will start to use straight away

  • Daily support in a closed Private Group

  • BONUS: 30-minute individual coaching call (for you to book in and use anytime throughout the program).


"Fantastic program!  I believe that I am on my way to being "job ready" with lots of useful information that was very well explained.   I recommend this program to anyone looking for good advice on becoming interview ready."


The program starts on Monday 5th October. Register and save your spot today.


The group coaching calls will be recorded if you’re unable to attend. They will be held:

  • Tuesday 6 October - 6pm

  • Tuesday 13 October - 6pm

  • Tuesday 20 October - 6pm

  • Tuesday 27 October - 6pm


"The program is well designed and presented.  Many thanks for your excellent presentation.  I thoroughly enjoyed this training in such a difficult area.  I found all of the sessions very valuable, particularly preparing for "the job", the CV refresh and the preparing for interviews.  The program totally achieved the purpose and exceeded expectations!   Thank you - I enjoyed your humor!"

28 Day Career Confidence Program

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