Join this interactive Modernising Flexilbity 20/20 Masterclass and get all the practical tips and tools on embedding a modern flexible workforce - so you can attract and retain the best talent, future proof your business and be a competitive employer of choice.


This Masterclass is for you if you're in charge of making flexibility 'work' in your workplace, are juggling many pressing priorities, and navigating challenges with this 'new' way of working. 


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Held on the last Wednesday of every month via Zoom, the Modernising Flexilbity 20/20 Masterclass is very practical and interactive. You will get our expert support, templates and tools, along with clarity on what you need to do to reframe and modernise your approach to flexible work:


  • Flexibility in 2022 and beyond - Learn how to make the ultimate shift to modern flexibility - getting executive endorsement, shifting mindsets and making this a ‘normal’ way of working in your business. You will get a concise report outlining your FlexAgility Maturity; unpack your current challenges and how to address them; along with learning what other organisations are doing to modernise their approach to flexible working. 

  • Get 20/20 vision and modernising your strategy - Learn how to take a structured approach to this increasingly important strategic business initiative, including why your flexible work strategy is imperative to future proofing your business, and how to modernise it. We will help you with tips and strategies on having conversations with your executive and leadership teams.

  • Adopting a ‘leaderflex’ mindset - You will unpack what is ‘leaderflex’ (for you personally and leaders / managers in your business) and how to support leaders and managers to develop it. You will also get tips on how to support leaders and managers with common challenges.

  • Building a flexible culture built on trust - You will learn why taking a team based approach to flexibility is essential and how to adopt this; how to build a flexible and remote working culture based on trust and productivity; what are behavioural nudges and how to embrace them.

  • Enhancing the confidence of people in this ‘new’ way of working - You will get clarity on some of the commons question: "what is productivity and how to measure it?"; and "how to redesign roles?" (including for part-time and job share).  You will also discover why training and support is vital to building capability in this ‘new’ way of working and what to focus on.

  • Getting the fundamentals right - You will get clear on the fundamentals and how to get them right (work practices, processes, policies and technology); and why learning lessons and celebrating successes is vital, and how to do this with teams working flexibly (in a hybrid / blended approach).


In additon to the 3 hour Masterclass, you will also get a 3 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with an experienced flexible work coach. We have included these coaching sessions in the package so you can go away and implement what you learn and not be left in the dark - we are here to support you tackle any challenges you face as you modernise your approach to flexible work.


By modernising your approach to flexible work you'll attract and retain the best talent, future proof your business and be a competitive employer of choice.

The Modernising Flexilbity 20/20 Masterclass is held via Zoom from 9.00am - 12.00pm (AEST) on the last Wednesday of each month. 


Spaces are limited so we can provide you with support. Registrations close the Sunday prior.


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The Modernising Flexibility 20/20 Masterclass is highly engaging, interactive and most importantly practical. Here's what some of our clients have to say about it...


“The Masterclass provided a really valuable opportunity to reflect on my own organisation’s current position in relation to flexible work, but also to network and engage in lots of interesting discussions with other participants and to learn from their current challenges and experiences. Vanessa has a breadth and depth of knowledge in relation to flexible work and her openness and willingness to share her insights, experiences and progressive ideas was highly valuable.” - Clare Dowling, Deakin University


“Vanessa Vanderhoek and the team from FlexAgility supported Landcom as we embarked on our Flexible Working journey. Landcom as a State Owned Corporate adopted the NSW’s Government’s approach to flexible working on a “If not, why not” basis. In the first instance, FlexAgility partnered with our People & Culture team in building awareness and consulting with our Senior Leadership Team ahead of the formal Policy launch. FlexAgility supported Landcom to embed flexible working practices through the development and delivery of education and awareness sessions for all our leaders and for staff along with coaching. Taking the time to assess our context and culture along with appropriate change management supported by FlexAgility has led to the official launch of Landcom’s Flexible Working Policy being readily adopted. The team at FlexAgility have a wealth of knowledge, experience and practical examples across flexible working across many sectors. The energy and enthusiasm from Vanessa and her team has resulted in Landcom aspiring to do more and to share our progress.” - Jessica Hill, Landcom


“Vanessa’s masterclass was insightful, energetic and full of practical tips on ways to integrate flexibility into business operations, including regulation, policy and management strategies. It was a highly valuable and enjoyable event.” -Kristina Irish, Global Infrastructure Hub

Modernising Flexibility 20/20

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