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This practical course is centred on supporting you through this pandemic. It will help you to successfully lead, manage and support yourself and your team working flexibly and well from home. You will also get clarity on your LeaderFlex Style and future proof your career for this 'new' flexible way of working.

Remote Work Success follows our proven step-by-step proven approach and is available for you to access online in your own time through our training platform.  The program includes four easily digestible modules - to learn more and enrol today CLICK HERE.​

This practical program is valued at over $1,500.  Until the end of this month this course is 50% off (use the coupon code FLEX2020) - an investment of $299 AUD. It's my gift to you to help you navigate through this COVID-19 pandemic.

Masterclass Modernising Flexibility 2020

It’s time to modernise our approach to flexibility. Why? The way we live and work has changed forever. And it seems that COVID-19 and its effects on the world around us are going to stick around for a while longer. It’s time to take stock. It’s time to reframe and modernise.

​Are you juggling many other pressing priorities? Life and work at the moment is chaotic - it’s hard to find time to focus on what needs to happen. I get it, and that’s why I am confident in our approach. By setting time aside to focus on this important agenda will help you see great results in your business - we will help you get clarity and focus on exactly what you need to do.

Held on the last Wednesday of every month, this masterclass is very practical. You will get clarity on what you need to do to reframe and modernise your approach to flexible work, including:


  1. Flexibility in 2020 and beyond - Learn how to make the ultimate shift to modern flexibility - getting executive endorsement, shifting mindsets and making this a ‘normal’ way of working in your business. You will get a concise report outlining your FlexAgility Maturity; unpack your current challenges and how to address them; along with learning what other organisations are doing to modernise their approach to flexible working.

  2. Get 20/20 vision and modernising your strategy - Learn how to take a structured approach to this increasingly important strategic business initiative, including why your flexible work strategy is imperative to future proofing your business, and how to modernise it. You will also discover what are flexible work guiding principles, why they’re important and how to develop them for your business; and importantly what data matters, why and how to capture it.

  3. Adopting a ‘leaderflex’ mindset - You will unpack what is ‘leaderflex’ (for you personally and leaders / managers in your business) and how to support leaders and managers to develop it. You will also get focus on how to successfully lead and manage teams through this pandemic period.

  4. Building a flexible culture built on trust - You will learn why taking a team based approach to flexibility is essential and how to adopt this; how to build a flexible and remote working culture based on trust and productivity; what are behavioural nudges and how to embrace them.

  5. Enhancing the confidence of people in this ‘new’ way of working - You will get clarity on some of the commons question: "what is productivity and how to measure it?"; and "how to redesign roles?" (including for part-time and job share).  You will also discover why training and support is vital to building capability in this ‘new’ way of working and what to focus on.

  6. Getting the fundamentals right - You will get clear on the fundamentals and how to get them right (work practices, processes, policies and technology); and why learning lessons and celebrating successes is vital, and how to do this with teams working flexibly.


You don't want to overpromise and under deliver. But you can't risk getting left behind. Learn how to embed a modern flexible workforce so you can attract and retain the best talent, future proof your business and be a competitive employer of choice.

The next masterclass is being held via Zoom on Wednesday 24 June from 9.30 am -3.30 pm (AEST).  Spaces are limited and registrations close Sunday 21st June. 

Join other leaders taking advantage of flexible work in their business. Save your virtual masterclass seat today for an investment of $597. You might be thinking it's a long masterclass to be delivered virtually. You will be pleasantly surprised as the day goes quick and it's fun! Our masterclasses are highly engaging, interactive and most importantly practical - we have breaks every 45 minutes and a longer one for lunch. 


You will be glad you've made this investment for your business and yourself.

This practical masterclass is valued at over $1,200. It's my gift to you to help you navigate through this COVID-19 pandemic.  


Optimising the communication in your team has never been more important. With most of us working flexibly, many of us from home, I hear often that communication is one of the biggest challenges for leaders and managers.  And that's why I've developed a workshop to help you.

Held at 10am AEST on the first Wednesday of every month, this 2 hour very practical workshop you’ll discover:

  1. What your personal Communication Style is, your unique communication strengths and how to best leverage this particularly through this pandemic. You'll also learn to quickly identify the Communication Styles of those you engage with - this skillset is helpful with colleagues, but also family and friends!

  2. Why having a Team Charter is essential and how to develop it. In this workshop you will draft your own Team Charter outline - this will give you a head start when having the discussion with your team.

  3. Strategies to immediately optimise communication in your team and workplace. I will also share with you virtual team building activities that will enhance team communication.

The next workshop is being held via Zoom on Wednesday 1 July2020 from 10-12 pm (AEST).  Spaces are limited and registrations close Sunday 31st May.  Save your virtual workshop seat today for an investment of $197. 

Healthy Habits logo.PNG

Investing in our health and wellbeing have never been more important. We know that.  That's why we have created monthly Healthy Habits Workshops. 


Vanessa Vanderhoek, a functional nutritionist, hosts Healthy Habits Workshops on the third Wednesday of every month at 12.30 pm AEST.

Are you looking for simple ways to improve your overall health and increase longevity? Believe it or not, supporting your gut health is the answer.

In our upcoming practical 90-minute Healthy Habits Workshop you’ll discover:   

  1. What is gut health and why it’s so important.

  2. What is leaky gut syndrome and some common symptoms.       

  3. Simple ways for you to start improving your gut health.


The next workshop is being held via Zoom on Wednesday 17 June 2020 from 12.30pm - 2.00 pm (AEST).  Spaces are limited and registrations close Sunday 31st May. Save your virtual workshop seat today for an investment of $17. 

The FlexAgility Group is a proud supporter of Flexible Working Day


It's time that you reap the rewards and the benefits of flexible and agile working!

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