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Hello. You're In The Right Spot. 


You hate job interviews. You sometimes freeze and go blank. You are not sure how to sell yourself. The thought of negotiating your salary makes you feel sick. You need more confidence. 

You're not alone - this is common, and the good news is, you can overcome it! 

Check out my the free 20-minute Competitive Edge workshop where I've shared expert tips to help you build your career confidence and get a competitive edge in your next job interview, career, and life! 


Get ready to take notes - grab a pen and paper - and dive in. 

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My Story

With over two decades of real-life experience in senior executive roles and a strong personal brand within my networks, I know what works.

I have been in the position of applying for senior executive roles and not knowing how to sell myself, feeling nauseas about the job interview, and worst still, freezing in job interviews with my mind going completely blank! It was my worst nightmare.

I had no idea how to negotiate my salary - I had never been taught and it felt yucky talking about money.

But what I discovered was, these skills can be learned. I learned the hard way. Lots of trial and error. Lots of mistakes. Lots of nausea. Lots of going blank.

I don't wish that on anyone!

I'm honored to have helped thousands of people around the world overcome these same challenges that I had with my proven formula. 

My program will help you to cut through all the mistakes I made and build your career confidence in as little as 28 days.


There's not a magic pill. You have to do the work. But the good news is this. I have a formula that works. I 

In 4 weeks, you will start to build your authentic confidence (you won't feel up yourself, I promise!), articulate your value proposition, and put your best foot forward in applying for your next job.

I have a thorough understanding of what employers are looking for, having been on the 'other side' of recruiting people just like you.

And the best bit, this transformation will not only help you in your career, but you'll also feel more confident in many aspects of your life! 

Explore my testimonials to read first-hand how I have helped others unlock and discover their competitive edge (there are lots of testimonials so grab a cup of tea and enjoy!).

Don't waste any more time.


There is no time like the present - give yourself the greatest gift today.


Register for the 28 Days to Career Confidence program today and invest in your future self and career.

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