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"I was introduced to Vanessa by a colleague after two years and a large number of applications for a new role with no success.  It was through the work that I undertook with Vanessa that changed everything.  I have now been successful in winning a new role within a global organisation.  Thank you Vanessa, I would not have achieved this result without you.  You provided me with guidance and support, but most of all gave me the confidence to keep going.  I will be forever grateful!" - Paul Len, Global Organisation, Sydney

"I re-entered the workforce when my baby was 8 months old, into a new department and a brand new role.  The prospect of this change and new role was exciting and terrifying at the same time, and I was extremely nervous about my ability to be successful in this new role (and equally in my new role as a mum).  I questioned how my family and I would cope with such a transition and especially whilst still being in the throes of sleep deprivation and finding our rhythm as a family unit.  To come to grips with my new role, responsibilities and what I now valued to be important in my life and career, I needed to talk about concerns and the guilt and pressures that are new to being a working parent.  I needed to find focus in my return to work and also learn how to build on my time management skills to be successful in my new part-time capacity.  I was able to achieve this by working through all these issues (and more) with Vanessa.  She is a fantastic example of all the material she teaches, Vanessa is passionate, emphatic and knowledgeable.  She gave me the resources and tools to have the difficult conversations, push out of my comfort zone and towards a more assertive me that could identify what was important to me in my new role as a career parent, while setting boundaries that I usually wouldn't be able to keep.  She gave me strategies for planning, relating and ensuring I could 'stay relevant' in the workplace and balance the needs of myself and my family in the process.  Thank you Vanessa for assisting me to become the best version of my working-mum-self!" - Laura, Business Improvement Analyst, Department of Health, Canberra


"Vanessa possesses a positive and genuinely inspiring style. Approach is based on experience, good structure, story-telling and simplicity - with the end in mind. What's more, it's enjoyable!" - DG, Chief Operations Officer in the Health / public sector, Canberra


"I contacted Vanessa in the very early stages of establishing my own health and wellness business. I was looking for advice to help inform whether I should take a major leap of faith in transitioning from a secure full time public service position to establishing my own business enterprise in a completely unrelated field. I was also hoping to gain an understanding of whether or not I’ve got what it takes to do so. Vanessa provided me with very professional advice in a very personable manner. She presented herself confidently and knowledgeably, with an incredibly positive disposition which has provided me with a strong sense of courage, inspiration and motivation. Vanessa took the time to listen to my ideas, perspective, skills and opportunities, and provided considered, meaningful and individualised advice specific to me and my situation. In doing so, Vanessa was very honest, in pointing out areas in which I would need to invest considerably more attention, but also in drawing out positive attributes and skills I possess, which will be of critical importance in establishing my business, for which I wasn’t aware. Vanessa provided me with pivotal tools and resources to enable me to take the next steps, and repositioned my thinking around various aspects of my business ideas. She gave me a very direct and clear path forward in a way that has been encouraging rather than overwhelming. Significantly, Vanessa guided me to think very carefully about my passion as a fundamental aspect of the success of my business. I am very grateful for this advice, especially in the very early and initial stages of my business, and believe it will be of critical importance as I go forward. I would highly recommend Vanessa to anyone thinking of establishing their own business. Having recently established her own successful business, Vanessa has a good sense of the wide array of requirements and considerations to take into account. Through addressing some of the areas of Vanessa’ advice, I believe I do now have a real competitive edge, and am excited to progress my business and undertake work which I am passionate about, and where I believe I can make a real difference." - Anna, Health and Wellness Business Entrepreneur, Canberra

“Vanessa was amazing! With her extensive executive background, she was able to look at my resume and instantly draw out the gold I would need to take into an interview. She patiently sat with me as we rehearsed interview questions. Vanessa helped realign my thinking on how to prepare for interviews by visualising myself in a role, determining practical tasks and solutions I would undertake in a position in 3-6 months’ time. This was invaluable and in my current role I was told I was hired as I had vision”.  - Lorren de Lucia, Marketing Officer at the ANU Centre for Continuing Education, Canberra


"I really appreciated not just the practical help and guidance from Vanessa but also her positivity (which was endless!). She not only taught me how to prepare for a panel interview (I really didn't have any idea where to start) but she gave me the confidence to do well. Instead of feeling the nerves in my stomach before my interview and translating that into being scared or nervous, I was able to interpret that feeling as excitement for the interview and push out any negative thoughts. This gave me an enormous advantage as those butterflies in the hours preceding the panel interview were a constant reminder to me of how excited I was and I went in excited and confident. (Where as previously I had been nervous and unsure). I highly recommend Vanessa!" - Doctor JL, Resident Medical Officer at the Canberra Hospital, Canberra

"Rarely do you find someone who brings out the best in you. Vanessa is one of those, who has the innate ability to relate with individuals at various points in their career. What she has to offer is not only critical for professionals to rise to their full potential but also for senior executives to manage effectively.” - Rakesh George, Acting Finance Manager at a national not-for-profit, Canberra

“I have found this testimonial challenging to write because it is difficult not to overuse superlatives when it comes to talking about Vanessa’s abilities with career mentoring. I have been reflecting on how she manages to do what she does. The only communication I have had with Vanessa has been either by phone or skype which one would assume would be a less effective medium than face to face communication. If this is the case, I cannot wait for a face to face meeting as I have found her fantastic and incredibly helpful via skype and phone. My career and education background is varied as I have tended to study and do work in areas that interest me. I had just completed a PhD in yet another completely different field. Before speaking with Vanessa I was unclear about my exact skills and abilities and direction forward and I am sure that I would have been all over the place in my dialogue with her. However, in our very first skype communication from a simple exercise that she emailed and had me complete prior to our conversation, my disparate ramblings and Vanessa’s clever questioning she was able to articulate with incredible clarity what the issues were for me. She clarified my skill set and interests, provided direction and suggestions of where to go and what to do during that very first skype meeting. I felt fantastic after speaking with her. My experience was the same after other follow up sessions reporting on progress I had achieved. With regard to my reflections on how and why she is so effective – I think it is because she is obviously very bright, Vanessa has a sharp intellect, she is a great listener, she is incredibly well connected and so has suggestions of what to do next, she is a clever researcher and knows how to find things out for you quickly, I could continue with a list of other qualities and skills that she brings but I think it is those skills I have mentioned together with the fact that Vanessa is a genuinely delightful woman with an overwhelming desire to help others that makes her so effective and stands her apart. Anyone seeking Vanessa’s talents will not be disappointed.” - DV, Research Fellow, Brisbane, Queensland


"By working with Vanessa to articulate my personal brand I was granted an insight into my career potential. I learned not only what I had to offer but also how to make these attributes the solution to my future employer’s problems.  I went from someone who dreaded interviews to someone who knew how to prepare mentally and physically for them - and to not only get through them but to come out feeling in control.  In just a few short sessions and with a little homework for me, Vanessa helped me to turn a career setback into an inside track to the next exciting chapter in my working life."   - LC, Administration Officer at a national peak body, Canberra

"Following several unsuccessful job applications and interviews, when an ideal job came up, I decided to seek help from a professional help to secure the position.  I recommend Vanessa.  Vanessa’s thoughtful advice and expertise had a big impact on the way I presented professionally. Vanessa provided me with practical exercises that helped me highlight my skills and experience, and articulate them with conviction.  As a direct consequence of this exercise and advice, I secured this job, and now, I feel like I have a much better grasp on my professional development." - T. Ramadani, Web Developer at the University of Canberra, Canberra

"Vanessa helped me to define and sell my core strengths in my resume and in interviews. Her personalised sessions helped me understand and articulate my value to employers and provide me with the confidence I needed to succeed."  - Lee Ashby, Business Analyst Contractor at the Federal Department of Social Services, Canberra

"The workshop is well designed and presented.  Many thanks for your excellent presentation.  I thoroughly enjoyed this training in such a difficult area.  I found all of the sessions very valuable, particularly preparing for "the job", the CV refresh and the preparing for interviews.  The workshop totally achieved the purpose and exceeded expectations!  I even enjoyed the pre-workshop homework activity and think that your presentation of our 'personal brand' was innovative and a fantastic confidence booster.  Thank you for a great presentation and I enjoyed your humor!"

"Vanessa was excellent - relaxed, honest, easy going and let everyone contribute.  All topics were stimulating and very relevant to me right now.  I walked in nervous and not at all confident to complete an interview.  By 3.30pm I walked out excited and truly boosted!"

"Just brilliant - thank you Vanessa!  I really enjoyed it."

“Great information and presentation in a no "BS" way.  Very practical and real world.  Very refreshing!”

“It has been a wonderful opportunity to increase my interview knowledge and experience.  I think this is a very helpful course for anyone looking for a job."

"In our sessions Vanessa challenged me by asking intelligent questions around what I can do to make an impact when I start back at work.  These were questions that I had not considered, such as how to go about stakeholder engagement upon return and the need for structures at work work enable a successful transition.  I found particularly useful that I had a structure to approach my first week, month and 90 days.  The tools and knowledge not only helped me focus on what needs my attention, but the work involved will help me stand out as I return to my career." - Senior Consultant, KPMG, Melbourne

"I wouldn't have had such a great result in such a short space of time without you.  As you know, the thought of having to submit applications and prepare for interviews in an environment where I didn't have the usual network and word of mouth recommendations was leaving me feeling a bit anxious.  But after your careful coaching it all turned out to be relatively painless!" - Janice Cowburn, Head of GIS Programmes at Premier Farnell, London

"Thank you so much for advice and assistance.  The advice around ''pitching myself' for the role was invaluable, it helped a lot in the interview I had with one of the business leaders who 'checked me over'". - Judy Anderson, IBM Canberra

"Vanessa very efficiently got to the likely interview questions to prepare for and was spot on!  We practiced these, Vanessa helped me to prepare authentic answer to the likely questions as well as a narrative around my unique competitive edge.  These were exactly what were asked and my preparation was evident to the selection panel.  Feedback from the panel was that Ii was impressive and highly competitive - there is no way I would have handled the interview as well without Vanessa's help." - Jo Smail, Strategy Execution Executive, Scentre Group, Sydney

"I started working with Vanessa a few months ago.  I have a 1-year old son, and after having the experience of pregnancy, childbirth and (sole) parenthood I had come to realise that the best way I could provide for my family was to launch my business.  Vanessa is a great coach in that she completely understands my situation and have been able to support me to bravely step out and wave my own flag (and she has been cheer-squadding and checking in all the way).  I've just landed by first big contract and couldn't be prouder of what we have achieved - this is something that six months ago I would never have had the guts to try." - Entrepreneur and business owner, Sydney

"Thank you heaps!  I have used today's session to get clear on my strategy for next week.  I feel very good about it and have confidence with the tools I have, even from just today's session.  The insights and learnigns you shared, I honestly hadn't thought about them - very VERY useful for me to do." - Anonymous, Management Consultant for a Big 4 Consulting Firm, Melbourne


"Vanessa was invaluable in helping me think through the issues that were concerning me as I approached my retirement." - JBM, Senior HR Manager in a small agency, Canberra


"During a time of significant uncertainty for staff at AML Alliance, Vanessa was able to rise above and provide them with significant career support.  On numerous occasions her consultations resulted in drawing out of people key facets of their skills and abilities that they had previous overlooked.  These key personal attributes were then used to tailor their personal brand, pitch and resume for the next step in their career.  I did not see one person who spoke with Vanessa who did not walk away with better sense of worth and confidence in what they had to offer and how they could apply this going forward." - K Christensen, Chief Operating Officer at the University of Canberra College, Canberra


"My testimonial about Vanessa’s executive coaching capability is easy to write because without Vanessa’s guidance I would not be where I am professionally today. My very first interaction with Vanessa was the one that changed my career path and life for the better. This was ironically my job interview! The defining moment of this interaction was when Vanessa went against her colleagues suggestion and hired me, not because I was the most experienced or because I ‘fit the mould’ but rather because “I had the right attitude”. I remember this feedback from Vanessa and it has stuck with me and influenced my approach to interviewing and hiring a team of my own. This is what I would say is Vanessa’s strongest attribute and the reason I would recommend her services to anyone looking to give their career the leg up. In the five years since I haven’t come across anyone who can look past the first impression, see the potential in people and drag it to the forefront for all to see. Since this initial interview I was privileged enough to work with Vanessa for around 2-3 years and throughout that period Vanessa routinely took the time out to check in on me and help me grow into the challenging profession that is management consulting. Her guidance was always insightful and tangible; suggestions that I could action directly and would hence directly improve my professional capabilities. I am currently a Senior Manager in one of the largest professional services firms in the world, working in a Global role from London. I get to travel the world advising the largest organisations and interacting with the high level executives. All of this is possible (without exaggeration or emotion) because Vanessa was able to see my potential and took the time to coach to me towards professional success.” - Lindsay Hawkins, Senior Manager at Ernst & Young, London


“I was totally engaged in Vanessa’s feedback and appreciated that she could actually capture my strengths by actually listening to me.  She was able to emphasise with me and offer real work experience solutions and provided practical examples of the best way to sell myself.”   - Anonymous, Manager at an utilities company, Brisbane


"I have known Vanessa for over four years, having worked with her at Ernst & Young, where she was an excellent mentor and support. Vanessa is one of the kindest persons that I have known who is always generous with her time and always goes above and beyond to provide you the best professional advice and support to ensure you make the right choices in your professional career. I have always had the deepest respects for Vanessa, as over the years her guidance has always steered me in the right direction." - Sangay Wangmo, currently having a well deserved career break, London


"Vanessa was able to remove any self-doubt I was having at the nervous pre-interview stage.  After our discussion, I felt confident, focused and strategised for my interview." - KC, ICT Program Manager in the ACT Public Service, Canberra

“It’s been a privilege to spend the week with you.  You were a stand out for so many reasons, right from the beginning.  You’re exceptionally kind, compassionate, warm and such a beautiful person.  You were acknowledged in the group’s ‘take a stand’ session as an amazing and inspirational person.  Everyone commented on your strength of character, the positive force that you are, and your sparkle.  I admire everything about you!  Your professional abilities, your drive and determination, your compassion for others, and how much you give back.  You are such an effective person with an amazing ability to change for the better, anything that you touch.  Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with me.  Thank you for being so encouraging of me.  You are powering on in the right direction and you should keep doing this.  I hope we can keep in touch as you are a true diamond and someone I greatly admire.”  SC, Senior Manager at Ernst & Young, Sydney


"Vanessa was my coach for two years.  At the time I was a junior staff member, returning to work after extended maternity leave.  Vanessa helped me articulate what my value was and guided and supported me to have confidence in myself and what I could deliver for the firm and for my clients.  Vanessa’s encouragement and positivity helped me grow as an individual and improved my insight into how I could move forward in my career – which I have done!” - Anonymous, Manager at Ernst & Young, Brisbane


"Vanessa is a very smart, positive and confident person – she always saw the best in me and tried to teach me this skill.  Vanessa always took the time to listen to my situation and coached me.  She always had time for me.  Vanessa always asked if she could help me with other things.  I follow Vanessa on Linkedin as she posts great articles to read.  Her articles provide great insight – whether personally or professionally.  Everyone who is going to be coached by Vanessa, should also follow her on Linkedin.   I have encouraged one of my friends to also follow her, as he is looking for work and this will give him the inside edge when going to interviews."   - LS, Senior Consultant at a 'Big 4' professional services firm, Brisbane

"Vanessa offers great advice and strategy to get your career on track and land the job you want." - Ruby Callahan, Project Manager at the Department of Education, Melbourne


"It’s like you are not going in alone, with Vanessa behind you helping you make it every inch of the way, from the initial job application, completing selection criteria, resume writing, the interview, then finally right into the job."  - David H, Windows Systems Administrator at NGM5, Canberra

"Vanessa is a very positive and encouraging person with the insight and experience to provide realistic advice that can empower you to tackle the barriers and embark on the work path you desire. Life is too short to not love your work and live your personal values." - DS, Health sector management consultant, Canberra


"Fantastic informative workshop.  I believe that I am on my way to being "job ready" with lots of useful information that was very well explained.   I  recommend this workshop to anyone looking for good advice on becoming interview ready."


"I now feel confident to improve my CV, covering letter and answering interview questions."


"Really valued the day.  Made me think about my next job application in a different light.  Great up-skilling for a 56-year old!"

"Learning how to identify my strengths was most valuable and how to use key words in job applications."


“All the topics have been very beneficial and practical in applying interview techniques.  I feel like I will be more confident when applying for jobs in the future.  It has been excellent as it has been very good to know what to expect and how to prepare.”


“Great interview tips - I feel more confident about interviews now.”

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