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Leading Remotely with a  Marathon Mindset

If you missed it, or want to listen again, you can watch or listen to the recording here.  It will be available for you until midday Sunday 31st May.

Thank you for your engagement in the Leading with a Marathon Mindset webinar.  As promised, here are some resources for you:

  1. Register for a complimentary Marathon Mindset Coaching Session with me - click here to save your spot!  

  2. Get immediate access to the Remote Work Success online program to help you lead, manage and support your team working flexibly and from home. This program is on sale for $299 (from $597) with the coupon code: FLEXPO2020. 

  3. International Flexible Working Day is coming up and being held on Wednesday 10 June.  You can help me plan for our annual virtual event “Flexpo” by dropping me an email and sharing with me your biggest challenge, issue and / or desire with regards to flexible work.  You can follow us on Instagram (@flexibleworkingday), Facebook (Flexible Working Day page), and Linkedin (Flexible Working Day page).

  4. As I mentioned in webinar, I’m a functional Nutritionist, a passion that I’ve kept hidden over the years - yet something very important particularly leading into winter.  You can register for a Personal Nutrition Report and 60 minute coaching session (on sale for $17 from $99) if booked by the end of May – click here to save your virtual sport.  Please share with colleagues, friends and family who might be interested.


If you have any topics for future webinars I would LOVE to hear from you – you can either drop me an email or let me know when we speak.

I look forward to meeting with you in our coaching session in the coming weeks.

Sending you my best,

- Vanessa

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