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COVID-19 and your business

We are in uncharted and unprecedented times. The management of risk, business continuity and the health and wellbeing of your people has never been more important.


In this video series we will help you. We will guide you, so you can provide the much needed leadership and stewardship in your business in these times increasing chaos and uncertainty.


Episode 1- Risk management and business continuity.  We will help you work through the risks to your business, mitigation to consider, and considerations for business continuity.

Episode 2 - Maximising your productive and flexible workforce.  We will guide you through the flexible work options. While we know remote working isn't an option for all businesses and roles, if it can be done for your business then it's time to make sure you're set up for it (and trial it).  You will get access to a free Remote Ready Employee Guide and Remote Ready Manager Guide.

Episode 3 - Optimising health and wellbeing. We will unlock how to optimise your health and wellbeing, and that of your workforce.  Vanessa Vanderhoek puts on her health coach and functional nutritionist hat and share very practical tips on how to proactively build health and wellbeing.

Episode 4 -  Remote working. With lawyer, Emma Heuston from The Remote Expert, we consider the legal and workplace health and safety aspect of remote working. 

Episode 5 -  Leading through difficult times.  With our FlexAgility HR expert, Victoria Saunders, we share practical tips on leading through these uncharted waters, focusing on what you can control and influence, including managing your own energy, health and wellbeing.

BONUS!!  A-Z GUIDE: For parents juggling work, family (and everything else) during the COVID-19

crisis.  Written by our FlexAgility parenting expert, Tanya Dannock, this free resource provides useful tips and tricks as you adapt to this new way of living. 

Do you have any suggestions for upcoming episodes?  We would love to hear - click here to drop us your suggestions.

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