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You need a Workplace Wellbeing Program NOW more than ever.

People are exhausted and need a safe regular space to self-reflect, grow and be proactively supported through this change.

It's time to take a deliberate and strategic focus on wellbeing and 'hybrid' flexible working.

You have a lot of competing demands and agendas to fulfil. Let us take a weight off and help you by creating and delivering your Workplace Wellbeing Program for the next 12 months = a bespoke program that aligns with your strategic priorities and needs of your workforce.

People are stressed more than ever. They need more support. Let us help you.

To get immediate access to the FlexAgility Workplace Wellbeing Program brochure, click here.

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We deliver professional training and coaching programs, supporting leaders, managers and teams to ensure business continuity whilst 'up levelling' and embedding effective communication, managing difficult conversations, developing clear expectations, and building their hybrid flexible team culture based on trust, accountability and outcomes.

Workplace wellbeing is an investment in business and people - don't mess up this next phase. Be deliberate, invest in your people and provide them with the expert training and coaching to get the hybrid flexibility fundamentals set and emphasis on wellbeing.

Click here to book a call with Vanessa and explore how an annual Workplace Wellbeing Program can align and support your organisational strategic priorities and initiatives.

The FlexAgility Story

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FlexAgility / noun / the ability to adapt quickly and easily to meet opportunities in the ever-changing world.


FlexAgility began long before COVID, supporting leaders and mangers to modernise their approach to flexible work and prioritising it as a strategic business initiative. 

We are experts in workplace flexibility, wellbeing, and change. We help your people 'up level', build their capability, perform at their best and thrive despite the current circumstances. 


Over the last 7 years we have:

  • Coached and trained over 2,500 people - we are well recognised for our highly engaging virtual delivery of these 1:1 and group sessions.

  • Facilitated strategic conversations with 100s of Executives helping them get clarity on the strategic importance of wellbeing and flexibility.

  • Learned lessons from around the globe from Flexible Working Day (founded by FlexAgility).


Our team are highly experienced trainers, coaches, psychologists, counsellors and nutritionists - with real life experience as accomplished leaders and managers in government and private sector organisations across Australia.


Whilst we bring different expertise, we all deeply passionate about transforming individual 'hearts and minds' with regards to their own physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Future-proof your business today and increase the wellbeing of your workforce while attracting and retaining talented people.   

Leader, Manager & Team Flexible Work Training, Workshops & Faciliation 
Annual Workplace Wellbeing Programs - incl. Workshops & Coaching
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There’s a common thread with all of our clients, both big and small.  They are genuinely passionate about supporting talented people in their organisation. 


We love working with them.  And they see us as trusted advisers with integrity and quality to our core.  Don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of our recent clients have said:

“This is the best training I have attended all year!”

Anonymous, Victorian Government

"Very helpful and practical to understand the different perspectives.  The facilitated open discussions with colleagues about perspectives / experiences was great."

"A great opportunity to step away and to look at the team and our work from a different perspective - an empowering and collaborative way to improve work life balance and productivity for everyone!"

"An empowering and collaborative way to improve work life balance."

"Vanessa and FlexAgility were the ideal partners for this journey, offering custom solutions and a program to bring the entire organisation on the journey. These included open, reflective and courageous workshops with our executive and senior leaders, upskill and peer learning for all people managers and open sessions for all staff to attend. The personalised coaching provided an ideal and non-judgemental forum to work through specific challenges. Nothing was too hard for Vanessa and the team, living and breathing flexibility to adjust our approach along the way to ensure the best outcome.”

“Working with Vanessa and the team to develop this program was a great experience and one that I am so glad we engaged with her to complete the work. The program delivery catered to a large number of participants and their individual needs. Sessions were tailored for people’s needs with great activities to engage everyone. Vanessa and Martin were very calm and professional in each of the sessions they delivered, they’re both very engaging presenters. Having FlexAgility develop this program has made the whole experience wonderful and seamless in its success – and we have the measures to prove it!”

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Click here to book a call. We will unpack how our training and coaching services align and support your organisational strategic priorities and initiatives.

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