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The FlexAgility Framework is focused on people.  Innovation is happening all around us, with business and technology changing at an extraordinary pace; yet people are still the essential ingredient for business success.

We believe that empathy is key to good business, so we take a humanised approach to our projects.  By understanding what people in your organisation feel with regards to flexible and agile working, you will be in the best position to design initiatives and make real progress to meet the needs of both your organisation and your people.

We know the common issues, barriers and challenges of flexible and agile working. We are here to help you where you need it: figuring out focus areas for improvement through diagnostics; developing business cases, strategies and tools; and/or delivering training to leaders, managers and staff on how this new way of working can benefit both them and the organisation.

Organisational Diagnostic

We believe an essential ingredient to making flexible and agile working ‘work’ is to understand managers and employees perceptions and expectations.


The FlexAgility Diagnostic which will help you with determine with ease where the key focus areas need to be. It is based on a holistic approach which is tried and tested on 4 key areas and lays a solid foundation for success by enabling people to honestly share their thoughts and experiences.

The FlexAgility Diagnostic is tailored to your organisation and draws on international best practice, including the resources published by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). Contact us today to learn more.


What do you get?

  • A survey tool in which staff can easily complete in less than 10 minutes, sharing their attitudes and experiences with regards to flexible and agile working.

  • The results are presented elegantly to you via a secure interactive dashboard, enabling you to ‘slice and dice’ and ‘drill down’ into the data.

  • You will also receive a report providing analysis of the assessment findings for your leadership team, along with strategic advice and recommendations on how and where to direct your initiatives.

  • We will facilitate a workshop with your leadership and management team to discuss the findings and way forward. We honestly believe for flexible and agile working to work, leaders need to talk the talk and walk it. Hence, we consider this an important stage in the process

Are your policies and procedures outdated? Do you need more guidance materials for leaders, managers and staff on making it ‘work’? Are you not sure of what tools and resources are available?


Leaders, managers and employees all need clear guidance on the ‘rules of the game’, especially if you’re moving from a traditional workforce model.

How can we help?

  • Develop a business case (if needed) outlining the case for change.

  • Craft your strategy for approval by the Leadership Team and /or Board.

  • Work with you on updating or developing existing policies.

  • Tailor the Making FlexAgility ‘Work’ Toolkit (we can rename to align with your internal branding) which provides detailed guidance to help both managers and staff negotiate, manage and work in the new ways.

Guidance Material & Policies

How can we help?

  • Help establish a FlexAgility Champion Network to drive initiatives across your business. 

  • Create flexible work initiatives (including behavioural nudges) to drive change.

  • Workforce planning, including mapping of roles and responsibilities.

  • Employee transition programs.

Are you clear on what the unwritten rules are?  Do you know how to address them?  Are you wanting to maximise the activation of flexible and agile working across the organisation, but not sure how?

Effective change management is essential in making it work.  To get traction and to start reaping the rewards for both you and your people it is essential to align the initiatives with your organisational values.

Culture & Change Management

What do you get?

  • We review your existing strategy, policies and procedures, and any other information to align the training program to your organisational needs.

  • Agree with you the objectives, content and activities, way forward.

  • Gather positive stories of working flexibly within your organisation to share and promote through these sessions.

  • Develop practical activities and focused discussion topics that are aligned with your business that empower leaders to understand their own personal attitude and mindset, and acquire the necessary skills to make flexibility ‘work’ within their teams.

  • Refine the Making FlexAgility ‘Work’ Toolkit (we can rename to align with your internal branding) which provides detailed guidance to help both managers and staff.

  • Collate feedback responses from the training sessions which we will share with you.

There are proven benefits of providing training and education to people around the new way of working. 


By leaders, managers and employees taking time out of their day to practically work through how they can make flexible and agile working 'work', you will effect the change that you're wanting to make.


Once your flexible and agile working initiatives and policies have been developed, we will work with you to deliver the FlexAgility ‘Works’ Workshop, which is focused on increasing the confidence of staff and managers to implement robust work practices and redesign teams and roles to effectively support the new flexible and agile modern workplace.

Management & Employee Training

How can we help?

  • Develop a Communication Plan and create branding ideas that will suit your organisations needs.

  • Collate stories and lessons to share with people and clients (including video content).

  • Evaluation of the initiatives should you require it.

  • Act as an escalation point to help with resolving issues.

Do you have a communication plan? Are you not sure how to go about it? Do you want to share stories put not sure where to start? 

The FlexAgility Framework is centered around people and we strongly believe that clear and consistent communication essential part of making flexible and agile working ‘work’. 

Communication & Branding

How can we help?

  • Individually (or in teams) coach leaders and managers in redesigning and leading flexible and agile teams.

  • Provide coaching ‘check-in’ sessions with the person leading the flexible and agile work campaign and initiatives.

  • Share relevant resources and informal ‘touch-point’ discussions in between coaching sessions.

Do you or the managers in your organisation need help in implementing the new ways of working or perhaps they need help with strategies to develop and manage a flexible and agile working team?

Our FlexAgility Coaches have both real-life experience in both manager and executive roles all whilst working flexibly.

FlexAgility Coaching


It's time that you reap the rewards and the benefits of flexible and agile working!

Contact us today to learn more.

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The FlexAgility Group is a proud supporter of Flexible Working Day

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