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WELCOME - Here's how to get started:


  1. Firstly, click here to watch the short video I made with Maxine where she shared her transformational story of gaining confidence she never knew she had, getting a new job (and payrise) and improving her overall health!
  2. Secondly, click here to watch my short welcome video. It will get you thinking about how you too can upgrade your confidence and get a competitive edge in your career and the job interview process.
  3. Want to know more? Read below and if the time is right - sign up and get started today!




The organisation that has advertised that job wants to get the best person started, as quick as possible and for that person to hit the ground running.


At the end of the day, it is solely up to you to prove that you are the solution to their problems.


So how do you unlock and discover your true competitive edge?


There isn't a magic solution. You need to invest in yourself and adequately prepare. It is as simple as that. The right tools and insight will help empower you to look fear in the face.


What I offer you is a very effective and practical process which will enable you to articulate your personal brand, value proposition and put your best foot forward.


Invest in yourself wisely... choose FlexAgility. I (Vanessa Vanderhoek) have over two decades of real-life experience in senior executive roles and a strong personal brand within my networks, I know what works. I also have a thorough understanding of what employers are looking for, having been on the other side of ‘recruiting’ people just like you.


My highly developed, yet flexible approach, will ensure that we work together quickly to articulate your value proposition and put your best foot forward to secure that job. An investment in yourself with FlexAgility will ensure you are equipped with the very best tools and techniques to unlock and discover your competitive edge.


"Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present." - Bill Keane

There is no time like the present – give yourself (and your career) the greatest gift today. 


Join the 28 Days to Career Confidence Program and you will:

  • Start your journey in overcoming the imposter syndrome!

  • Learn how to ‘sell’ your strengths and career successes

  • Get clarity on your strengths and unique attributes

  • Grow your confidence in presenting yourself – in both job interviews and meetings
  • Discover what your personal brand is and why it matters

  • Get control over your negative automatic thoughts

  • Develop lifelong confidence and self-esteem

  • Deep personal transformation – change what you think and how you feel about yourself

  • Feel less stressed and happier overall


This program IS NOT A QUICK FIX – it is a transformative program.


Do you feel like the imposter syndrome is holding you back? Are you looking for your next career move or promotion and want to best position yourself? Have you been made redundant and not sure where to next? Have you been out of the workforce for a period of time and need to get job search ready? You are in the right spot - I can help you to adopt my Competitive Edge Method and get a well deserved and authentic boost of career confidence.

"Vanessa was excellent - relaxed, honest, easy going and let everyone contribute.  All topics were stimulating and very relevant to me right now.  I walked in nervous and not at all confident.  By the end of the session I was excited and truly boosted!"


In this practical and interactive program, we will cover the essential elements of getting career confidence. We will also cover important topics including:

  • updating your CV

  • preparing a high quality job application and ‘selling yourself’ in both the covering letter and the selection criteria 

  • job interview and meeting preparation (and of course, your confidence!).


This hands-on program offers incredible value. You will walk away equipped with all the essential tools and techniques to ensure you are confident in your career - and for your next job interview or big meeting. 


What’s included?

  • The Career Confidence Guide - This detailed workbook includes practical activities, checklists and tools that you will start to use straight away (and can use for years to come!).

  • 4x Career Confidence Clinics - in these sessions, we will work through what you need to do step-by-step to get results in the 28 days. The first session is 2 hours, the follow-up sessions are 1 hour.

  • My daily support in a closed private forum.


"Fantastic program!  I believe that I am on my way to being "job ready" with lots of useful information that was very well explained.   I recommend this program to anyone looking for good advice on becoming interview ready."

Make a wise investment in yourself and your career. Explore my testimonials to read first-hand how I have helped thousands of people unlock and discover their competitive edge.


"The program is well designed and presented.  Many thanks for your excellent facilitation.  I thoroughly enjoyed this training in such a difficult area.  I found all of the sessions very valuable, particularly preparing for "the job", the CV refresh and the preparing for interviews and meetings.  The program totally achieved the purpose and exceeded expectations!   Thank you - I enjoyed your humor!"


Want to learn more how this fabulous group program can help you or those in your team? Click here to book a call with Vanessa.

28 Days to Career Confidence Program

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