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There is a significant information and support gap for new parents. Whilst they attend birthing classes and decorate the nursey, few are aware of the most important adjustments to make after the birth of their child – and the impact this will have on them, their family, their life and their work.


We often hear people say that they do not expect that their life will change much at all. Others share that they are not sure what to expect and how to prepare. The truth is, becoming a parent RADICALLY changes their life.


When people transition to parenthood, they undergo changes and growth at many levels – physical, financial, social, emotional, cultural and more.


The FlexAgility Parental Leave Coaching Program bridges this information and support gap for new parents. This program is for all employees who are becoming parents – biological parents, single parents, adoptive parents, surrogate parents, stepparents – all new parents.


Your employees can undertake this program with their partner, or alone. Whilst not mandatory, we recommend that session 1-3 is conducted with their partner as it is focused on their transition to becoming parents.


The program consists of 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions delivered via Zoom, with a focus on the following, with adaptions based on their needs as required:



  • Session 1: My Transition to Parenthood – normal and common challenges both at work and home, managing my stress levels in a healthy way, building ‘our village’ (early Trimester 3)
  • Session 2: From Becoming Me to Becoming Us – individual and relationship strengths, managing conflict and differences, planning for return to work (mid Trimester 3)


  • Session 3: My New Normal – reflections on gains and losses, realistic goals for the short term with an infant, return to work plans (postpartum)
  • Session 4: Planning My Return to Work – 90 Day Plan to support successful return to work, proactively plan for childcare orientation, identify sources of guilt (prior to returning to work)
  • Session 5 & 6: My Return to Work – 90 Day Plan implementation - what is working, what’s not? (Month 1 & 2 on returning to work)


Want to learn more? Click here to book a call with Vanessa and explore how this coaching program can help your employees transition as new parents and returning to work.

Parental Leave Coaching Program

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