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Are you wanting to provide training for leaders and managers in your organisation but don't want to reinvent the wheel? Then you're in the right spot! We've trained over 2,500 leaders and managers and have a proven program that gets results. Don't waste time creating content, leverage our program developed by expert trainers and specialists in building a team based, flexible working culture.


The Flex Work Success training program can be run with up to 100 participants, bespoke for your organisation, and delivered virtually through your preferred platform.


It is a great opportunity for you to position (further) your organisation's commitment to flexible working.


Want to learn more? Click here to book a call with Vanessa and explore how this program can help people in your organisation adapt to hybrid flexible working.


All Staff Session: Flexible Working (1 hour) 

In this session we will cover:

  • Define the future of flexible work, why it’s important for you, and why it's valued by your organisation.
  • Identify your ideal flexibility based on the options and in the context of your teams and roles.
  • Understand your responsibility and what’s required for effective hybrid and flexible teamwork.

Outcome: All participants will come out of the session with a considered plan for their flexibility and ready for a conversation with their team leader (and teams).

2. Team Leader / Manager Session

Part A: Leading flexibly and building a culture of trust.  (1 hour) 


In this session we will cover:

The ‘flexibility fundamentals’ to be an effective flexibility team leader.

Key flexibility strategies and tools for you and your team, for building trust and accountability.  

Managing hybrid teams: what is required for effective hybrid work, including key challenges and how to overcome them.

Outcome: All team leaders and managers will come out of the session with a team charter and tools, ready for a flexibility workshop or discussion with their teams.

Part B: Managing common flexibility challenges and how to avoid them. (1 hour) 

In this session we will cover:

Common flexibility challenges - what are they and why they occur.

Practical strategies for overcoming flexibility issues and focusing on performance outcomes for your team.

Understanding your current flexibility issues, or opportunities for improvement.

Outcome: All team leaders will come out of the session with practical tools to overcome common flexibility challenges and ready to deal with issues if they arise for their team.


The cost of each All Staff Session and Team Leader / Manager session is $2,200 (1 hour session) or $3,300 (1.5 hour session).


If you require specific content developed, we can bespoke the program - please get in contact for a quote.


The length of the training sessions are flexible, based on what time people can afford in their busy schedules, along with how much time you'd like to set aside for discussions (more time = better quality discussions).


The sessions are delivered via your preffered technology platform and very interactive.


People have been loving the sessions - here is some recent feedback from a client in Victorian Government:


"Thank you and your team for a really well developed approach to Flexible Working. These have been the best presentations I have attended all year. The hour felt like 20 minutes, which is a good sign of a really engaging and well thought out program."


We can record the sessions so people who miss out can watch in their own time.


Train the Trainer Approach


We are also able to offer the Flexible Work Success Training Program as a ‘train the trainer’ program, equipping people in your business to run this training internally. The cost for the train the trainer program is $11,000 and includes up to 3 people.


In the 'train the trainer' program you will get:

  • Professional slides with images, graphics and presenter notes

  • Activities to facilitate learning with your teams (including guiding questions and answers)

  • Practical tips for engaging the audience (both virtually and in person)


You will be able to bespoke and refine all of the content for your organisation. This course is for you, even if people don't have any training experience. We will share with you our insights on how to engage the audience and tackle some of those tricky questions you might get asked.


Spaces are limited in the workshop are limited and registrations close the Friday prior. 


The 'train the trainer' program is held via Zoom on the first Wednesday of every month from 9.30am - 12.30pm (AEST).


We have set aside 3 hours to leave enough room to answer any questions you have so people are confident in going away to deliver this training in your workplace. 


Want to learn more? Click here to book a call with Vanessa and explore how this program can help people you.


"Working in an organisation with low flexible work maturity and a mandate to move to “all roles flex”, it was critical we took a contextual and engaging approach to deliver this and drive awareness beyond compliance. Vanessa and Flexagility were the ideal partners for this journey, offering custom solutions and programs to bring the entire organisation on the journey. These included open, reflective and courageous workshops with our executive and senior leaders, upskill and peer learning for all people managers and open sessions for all staff to attend. Personalised coaching to managers seeking additional assistance provided an ideal and non judgemental forum to work through specific challenges and embedding flex in their teams. Above all, nothing was too hard for Vanessa, living and breathing flexibility to adjust our approach along the way to ensure the best outcome!" - Ben Robinson, Landcom

Training for Leaders & Managers

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