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A Workplace Wellbeing Program is an investment in your organisation's future. More than ever, the business case is crystal clear.


You have a lot of competing demands and agendas to fulfil. Let us take a weight off and help you by creating and delivering your Workplace Wellbeing Program for the next 12 months = a bespoke program that aligns with your strategic priorities and needs of your workforce.


We develop your Workplace Wellbeing Program based on your needs, which we determine upfront through an interactive workshop with you and your people (see overleaf for more details). From here we develop an annual plan with agreed monthly themes, aligning to national and international days (such as RUOK Day, Families Week etc).


The investment is starts at $2,750 - $4,400 per month (based on an annual program) depending upon your needs. To learn why your employees need this program NOW more than ever and more about the program, click here to download the brochure.


Click here to book a call and explore how an annual Workplace Wellbeing Program can align and support your organisational strategic priorities and initiatives.

Workplace Wellbeing Annual Program

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